Tag: Multiserver

How to access machines from alias rather than IP address using SSH

Have a lot of IP addresses to save?Difficult to remember or save in a file or write on a notepad?Have to search and copy every time you need to access a machine? No need to get worried,Just open the file “/etc/hosts” on your machine. $ nano /etc/hosts Add the IP address in the next line…
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Odoo – Configuration for Postgres Database and Odoo App on different servers

Make sure that you have properly configured Odoo on the app server and Postgres on the database server. After that, you just need to have a few config changes. On App Server: The following parameters should be properly set in the Odoo config file: db_host = YourDatabaseServerIP db_port = 5432 db_user = YourDatabaseUser db_password =…
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